Our adult volunteers impact the children in so many wonderful ways. Volunteers create unforgettable memories by working with the eager children, delightful teen volunteers, amazing teachers, staff and other volunteers.


Pictured left, Rocio Nava and Adriana Rodriguez are two of our committed parent volunteers. They’re here every day, assisting staff and parents with anything necessary.


Pictured right, Kitchen Manager Mohammed Dirir, adult volunteers Phyllis Gustely and Mort Northrop, and Snack Coordinator Señor Armando.

We have a fast-paced, fun-filled, satisfying program that benefits the children, teaches us all new perspectives, exposes us to new people and leaves us wishing that it could start all over again just when the program is done for the summer.


Pictured left, Gerald Fudge and Sam McClurg are two of the bus drivers for the Summer program.

You make a difference here. Full- or Part-Time volunteer positions are available.