We’re excited to announce that the 15th annual Saturday School program starts this week on August 15th!

We are so glad to have our 3 and 4 year olds back in class and reinforcing the academic content they learned during the summer program. The kids are surely eager to return to Los Niños Primero to continue fun activities like yoga, art, and music. This year round program is also a great opportunity for parents to continue reinforcing academics at home.

Saturday School will be in session until April 2016, alternating every other Saturday, with some exceptions. For the exact schedule, please see the LNP calendar.

Looking forward to another wonderful school year!

Addendum: Coach Parent classes begin this Saturday as well. August 15th at 9:30AM in Gayle Hall at the Mt. Vernon campus. These classes will span 4 Saturdays. Don’t miss the first meeting; that is when the group will decide the dates of subsequent classes.