Teen Volunteer Program Training Day!

Earlier this week, LNP held its annual Teen Volunteer Training. In this extensive training, Teen Volunteers learned about the policies and procedures of LNP as well as received valuable information and tips on how to be effective partners in education while assisting teachers in the classrooms. Teen Volunteers were also given the opportunity to practice mindfulness while participating in an identity activity, get to know each other through whole group and small group team building exercises, and discuss each of LNP’s Core Values to determine how they can demonstrate each one in their daily responsibilities as Teen Volunteers.

The Teen Volunteers that generously give their time and energy during the LNP Summer Program are local middle school, high school, and college students who are dedicated to the mission of creating life-long learners in their communities. Many of the Teen Volunteers participating this summer attended LNP as students, and their return demonstrates the positive impact and sustainability of the organization.

In addition to the hardworking Interns who facilitated the training session, Georgia-certified educator and LNP teacher, Marjorie Araujo trained Teen Volunteers on developmental characteristics of the students and effective methods for assisting teachers in the learning process.


The LNP Teen Volunteers undoubtedly contribute to the success of the organization in a variety of ways and the service they provide is invaluable. We are so excited to welcome the new Teen Volunteers and to welcome back the Teen Volunteers who have participated in previous years and throughout the school year.