Parent Leadership Program


The Los Niños parents will not be left behind in the learning process.  They are an integral part of the Los Niños Primero program.

This summer, parents attended the parenting classes in record numbers. They learned about ways in which they could encourage and support learning at home.  With homemade games and everyday activities transformed into learning opportunities, our children’s skills will be reinforced and the learning will continue.

Parents are required to participate in parent trainings, and we find that often they bring neighbors and friends.

Gloria Narea, the Los Niños Primero Family Engagement Coordinator, organized the twice weekly sessions during the summer with the help of drama teacher Polly Garcia from Alliance Theatre.

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Parent Coaches

Los Niños Primero also has, for the third consecutive year, a Parent Coach program. When the program began, there were 5 coach parents. This past summer, Los Niños Primero had 36 coach parents. Under this model, each coach parent commits for one year to act as communications liaison for ten Los Niños Primero families. This system is phenomenal because it:

  • creates an effective communication system between Los Niños Primero and the families

  • develops leadership skills

  • allows parents to be more involved

  • gives parents training in customer service relations