This year's theme is:
Discovering the World Around Me


Summer Education

Our three to six year olds experience four wonderful weeks of learning this summer on the Mount Vernon Campus. 

We added one more teacher this year and 16 more students.  Twelve teachers in addition to a motor skills teacher, two music teachers, and a speech pathologist helped the 180 children get ready for their first day in Fulton County Schools.

The theme this year was, “Discovering the World Around Me.”  After four weeks of reading, studying, and seeing our special guests, our children were excited to attend school and share their newfound aspirations of becoming doctors, teachers, veterinarians and lawyers.


Our goal was and is always to promote higher education among the Latino Community. Children and parents had the opportunity to see college as a real possibility. We completely and enthusiastically support their lofty goals!

Our post-testing information indicates that the children are making great strides.  Come see for yourself!


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What we're all about...



(Left) Every summer, previous graduates like Ricardo Cardenas return to Los Niños Primero to volunteer and mentor new students.



(Above) Special Guests come multiple times per week to teach the children about everything from music & art to safety & science.


(Right) Los Niños Primero really knows the value of an art education — both academically-speaking and also for a child’s cognitive and emotional development.


Lifelong Learners

(Left) Every summer draws to a bittersweet close, as the six year-olds earn their degrees and graduate the program.



(Right) Los Niños Primero is lucky enough to have the most devoted, talented faculty of teachers and staff. Many of them have returned for over 5, even 10, summers.