Teen Volunteer Program

The Teen Volunteer Program provides middle school, high school, and college students from the Atlanta area with opportunities to gain service experience and develop leadership skills while working alongside a diverse group of peers, teachers, and LNP students. Teen Volunteers contribute immensely to the success of LNP. All Teen Volunteers complete an application process and participate in an intensive training that involves discussion of LNP policies, an overview of basic early childhood development, and strategies for effective assistance in the classroom.


Teen Volunteers are an invaluable asset to Los Niños Primero because they:

-   Assist teachers in the classrooms during all academic programming, improving the adult-to-student ratio

-   Prepare and serve all snacks and meals for students, volunteers, teachers, and staff

-   Provide support to administrative staff

-   Participate in fundraising efforts like the Annual LNP Teen Volunteer Car Wash and Circle of Friends Gala 

Teen Volunteers have the opportunity to develop and apply leadership skills through:

-   Participation as a positive and conscious role model for LNP students and other Teen Volunteers

-   Collaboration with peers and adults while engaging in service experiences

-   Engagement in leadership education and discussion about specific community needs during Teen Volunteer Training

-   Participation in self-awareness, team-building, and communication activities during Teen Volunteer Training

-   Advancing within the organization to high positions such as Interns, Teacher Assistants, and Administrative Assistants




Additionally, Teen Volunteers contribute to the growth of Los Niños Primero by utilizing their unique strengths and experiences to create new leadership opportunities and develop new projects and programs. This past year, two Teen Volunteers in particular have exhibited their remarkable leadership qualities by taking on the lead teaching responsibilities of the Motor Skills class during the Summer Program and developing a weekly After School Program for 4-year-old LNP students and their parents.

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In 2017, 132 Teen Volunteers from 22 schools served over 8,200 hours at Los Niños Primero. Approximately 30% of the participants in the Teen Volunteer Program are former LNP students and are a testament to the positive influence and sustainability of the organization.


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