What We've Achieved

Los Niños Primero has entered its second decade of providing high-quality school readiness to our Latino preschoolers and their families. The Program began with 17 children in 2001, and this summer we will serve over 300 students. We know that our services positively impact the Latino families, the public schools and, most importantly, our students



  • From the pre-test to the post test, we saw remarkable growth for the three-year-olds. At the start of the program, only one child in the three new locations entered with the ability to pass our stated metrics. By the end of the program, 68% of the three-year old children had mastered the following metrics: to listen and follow the teacher's directions, verbalize their name, age and gender, identify parts of the body, to hold a book for reading, and recognize important symbols (DO NOT ENTER, EXIT, STOP, and restroom signs).

  • From the pre-test to the post test, there was a 54% rise in the number of four-year-old children who were able to master the following metrics: listen and follow the teacher's directions, retell a picture story, recognize first name and identify letters in their name, identify seven numbers, five colors and four shapes.

  • 90% of Los Niños Primero’s parents participate in the parent classes.

  • From pre to post test, there was a 184.5% increase in emergent reading skills among three-year-olds.

  • Overall 132.7% increase in six-year-olds’ language skills.

APRIL 2018

  • 81 children are attending Saturday School in twice monthly sessions in 2017-2018

  • Learning took place over 18 Saturdays.

  • We added 3 new auxiliary programs: Dance, Soccer, & Girl Scouts to our existing extracurricular programs; Chorus, Cyber Orchestra, & Karate

summer educational program 2018

  • The 2018 Summer Program will run from June 4th to June 29th.

  • This year our Program will be offered at 5 different locations in the metro Atlanta area.

  • For the sixth consecutive year, “Parent Coaches” will be utilized to help better develop a powerful communication system with other parents.

  • Across the board there is a significant increase in our children's learning skills and their abilities in the classroom.